What Is Witness Runner?

The Inspiration

Can a story change the world?  Jesus thought so.  The story of what He has done in our lives is the most solid, authentic evidence of God and His love for His creation.  Jesus knew the power of a story.  For what other reason would he tell the man in Mark 5, fresh off being freed from demonic possession, to go share his story with others (v19)? We love to share the story He’s writing in our lives.  We believe our personal experiences provide the most compelling evidence that Jesus is real.  Through Him, we can know and come to God.

In Mark 16, Jesus commands us to run to the world and tell His story (v15).  More importantly, he tells us that sharing that story can rescue the world from death (v16).  His story is what He has done, is doing and will continue to do in and through the lives of those who believe in Him.  They’re stories of redemption and love without limits.  They’re stories of hope and provision.  They’re stories of destiny and a future.

The Vision

The complete vision for Witness Runner is to become a niche social network where runners can share stories of what God is doing in their lives.  Wearing “witnessrunner” gear, you’re a living billboard, directing people to your “witnessrunner” profile.  There, they can read your testimony and be challenged to begin their own journey of faith in Jesus Christ.  Today, witnessrunner.com exists as a network of bloggers, sharing the common goal of spreading the good news that God has sent His son to rescue the world from sin.

You Can Help

We appreciate you taking a second to read and share some of our posts with your friends on facebook and followers on Twitter.  Pray with us that God will draw the attention of whomever might help witnessrunner get to the place it should be.  In the meantime, We use it to promote our personal stories, testing its effectiveness at reaching our communities, families and friends with the good news that Jesus is alive, and has come to unite us in relationship with the Father.

We can’t explain God.  We can’t explain where He came from or how He created the heavens and the earth.  We can’t explain the miracles we’ve seen, but we’re witnesses to their reality.  Witnessrunner.com is our stories.  It’s one channel by which we testify to the incredible power of God at work in our lives.  He is good.  His love is eternal.  His story is amazing…and we’re all a part of it.


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