Our Miracle

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Last week in church, there was a strong message encouraging us to tell stories of the prayers God has answered in our lives. They are evidence of God’s provision in our lives. Instead of just celebrating them in the moment, let us see them as monuments that tell others about the greatness of the God we serve. No matter the impact in our lives, whether big or small, the stories of these miracles represent our unwavering faith in God. This is the story of one of our little miracles.

Our Promise To God

As most young married couples do, IMG_5733.jpgmany of my wife’s and my early conversations involved our desire to have a family.  Unfortunately, when we decided to pursue that dream, our efforts didn’t go as one might plan.  The initial result was three miscarriages in one year.  Doctor visits and confusion ensued.  Despite every attempt to find a cause, it alluded us.

I clearly remember several of my conversations with God during this time.  The frustration I felt as a husband unable to supply my wife’s deepest desire, overwhelmed me.  Why does God allow His children to endure such hardship?  I was reminded of the instance in John 9, when Jesus indicated that some obstacles are in place so God’s power may be demonstrated in our lives.

My wife and I decided to make a very specific request.  We prayed that God would lead the doctors to find something they previously overlooked.  Further, we prayed that the remedy be something simple, like taking one little pill.  We committed to making that our request.  I promised that, if He would answer our prayer, we’d be sure to share the story of our miracle with everyone.

We probably shouldn’t have been surprised to get a call from the doctor in the following days.  They requested an appointment, telling us they discovered something from an old test.  It was found that my wife had a condition that caused her blood to clot at an abnormally high rate.  That clotting kept the fetus from receiving an adequate blood supply, resulting in miscarriage.  The remedy: one baby aspirin a day.

We were blown away.  If you’ve been through miscarriages, you know we felt like we were given a second chance at life.  In reality, we were given a chance at two precious little lives.  From the moment she began taking one baby aspirin a day, she didn’t have any more miscarriages.  She had two flawless pregnancies and deliveries.  The Bible says, “the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16 NLT)  You can be sure they do.

My Encouragement to You

I encourage you to share your story. Share it with us at info@witnessrunner.com so I can feature it in a post on Witness Runner, like I did with JB and baby Charlotte. You never know what a story can do.


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