A Lesson In Giving

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

I realized I was in the middle of making a huge mistake by not taking my son’s money. Actually, my awareness was mostly peaked by the hole my wife’s eyes were burning into me. She saw it before I did. My son was growing into the man I pray he will be, and I was standing in his way.

Working in the finance industry, I make every attempt to raise my sons with a good sense of value and proper money management. Similarly, being a Christian, I try to take advantage of each chance to build a strong sense of charity into their daily habits. Every month, they learn exactly what amount of their allowance to set aside as tithe to their youth ministry, and how to make wise decisions with what the have left. So, when my eleven-year-old handed me five dollars, saying, “Dad, I want you to take this and spend it on something just for you,” the finance guy in me immediately thought, “Buddy, I don’t want you to just give your money away. You need to learn the value of your hard work, earning your allowance.”

Some piece of that “logic” was even coming out of my mouth when my wife’s wide eyes signaled the error I was making. For as much as I talk to them about the importance of having and the blessings that follow a generous spirit, I was in the process of blocking one of them from that experience becoming real in his life. Humbling myself, I took five, hard-earned dollars from the hand of this young man who just seconds before, had walked into my kitchen as a little boy.

Should I really be surprised, then, that the very next day, God delivered two blessings He was preparing for my son? First, a new soccer jersey came in that tracking notifications said would take another two weeks to arrive. Later, we found “THE” soccer cleats he wanted, for about half the price he expected. Certainly, such occurrences could easily be dismissed as coincidence. Thankfully, this eleven-year-old boy rightly identified them as God’s providence and encouragement to grow in charity. Meanwhile, his father was thanking God for leading us both through a lesson in giving.


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