When Did This Become A Dirty Word?

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

When did “correction” become a dirty word? It seems many people receive correction as a major offense. “How dare anyone tell me what to do!” I imagine this has something to do with the holier-than-thou attitude many of us have endured in the process of receiving correction. None-the-less, it’s good to be brought into correct understanding, correct conduct, a correct path.

There was a word given at Calvary Assembly of God a few on Sundays ago, that compared God’s ways to the path of a hurricane. It partly talked about God’s power being destined to fall in our area, as a storm would make landfall. In addition, it referred to the importance of aligning ourselves with God’s plan, coming into His path. Obviously, if we’re currently somewhere outside or on the fringe of where He intends us to live, some correction is necessary.

Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.”

Be willing to come under godly correction, and to be tender in encouraging others in the way they should go. Hear and respond to the discipline of the Holy Spirit. Lay down pride and selfish ambition, for the sake of seeing God’s will accomplished in and through your life. Value those who are willing to help you make your path correct.


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  1. It became one of my least favorite words when I read that the mistreatment left-handed students was called correction. When their dominant hand was tied behind their back, when their hands were smacked over and over again, when they were called clumsy, stupid, backwards, and sometimes evil servants of satan, they were being corrected. It worries me when someone sets a standard and demands everyone else to meet it without considering whether or not that standard was reasonable.


    • Your example of destructive misuse and abuse of misguided authority is a definite illustration of those things that make people resistant to correction. You’re wise to question unreasonable standards, and make a thorough investigation when change is suggested, much more so if ever it’s demanded.


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