With Eyes Wide Open

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Has this ever happened to you?

The other day, I walked out to the garage to get something I needed. Thinking I remembered where I left it, I puzzled over why I couldn’t find it quickly. Without wasting too much time, I returned to the house, assuming I’d find it in one of  the several places that I typically lay things down (because my wife loves when I do that). Still, nothing. I bounced between the garage and the house a couple of times, before I finally found what I was looking for, laying just inches from where I originally looked.

It made me think, how many times do I miss what’s really happening around me, because I’m so sure of what I think I know. It’s as though we develop blinders of sorts, over the course of our lives. We grow so focused on the “truths” we’ve been delivered, that we lose the ability to see things as they really are, even when the answers are right in front of us.

I believe there’s much God is trying to reveal to His people. If we really take a step back, and ask Him to let us see our world and His Word with a fresh perspective, I think many would be surprised by what social, political, religious and familiar norms are just residue of some well-intentioned but misguided voices we’ve allowed to speak into our lives.

Holy Spirit, help us live with our spiritual and physical eyes wide open. Help us see ourselves as we are, and for who we’re called to be. Allow us to recognize the needs we’ve been designed to meet. Show us what we’re missing, where you’ve placed us. Give us a willingness to let go of the comfortable ideologies that aren’t inspired by the Father. Let your grace and mercy be experienced through our lives, as You empower us to be a demonstration of your love to this world. Amen!


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