The Art In You

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Imagine walking into an artist’s gallery, specifically a painter. Take a second to develop that mental picture. I assume you’re envisioning white walls displaying some combination of landscapes, still-lifes, portraits or abstracts in a variety of sizes and colors. Perhaps you’re thinking of a specific artist, or your favorite style of painting. The one thing I bet you’re not imagining is a room filled with uniformly-sized canvases, all painted the same color, showing no variety or contrast, each picture the same, flat, lifeless square as the one before it.

True artists just aren’t like that. They’re creative. They’re bold. They understand how to produce something worthy of our attention.

I’ve always been a “people watcher”. In recent years, however, it has lost a fair amount of entertainment value, as individuals become less and less distinct. Instead of exercising our own creativity, we mimic the styles and preferences of others. It seems like we don’t take the time to discover and develop our own unique identity. Instead, we allow ourselves to be painted over with the image projected onto us by the media and those we’ve allowed to determine what is and is not “acceptable”.

I just can’t imagine this is what God intended.

Do we stop to consider that He has specifically gifted us to complete the work He is creating? Each of us is a unique expression of His love to the world around us. He purposefully filled this canvas with color and contrast and texture and the subtle and obvious variations that make us a masterpiece, both individually and collectively. We are called to be salt and light to this world (Matthew 5:13-16). Don’t allow yourself to blend in with the world around you. Let them, instead, see His art in you.


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  1. A wise Pastor once said, “God is a creator; not an imitator.” There is a lot of truth in your words today.


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