Getting The Message

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

The telephone game always cracked me up. You remember it, right? It’s the one where someone whispers a phrase to someone else. That person, then proceeds to pass the phrase along, each participant whispering what they think they heard, to the next. After the message has been passed through several people, it morphs into something completely unintended. A phrase that started as “my great granny likes to giggle with mates at work” becomes “my giant fanny looks jiggly when I make it twerk”.

It’s so important to get the message from the source.

What does this mean for us, as Christians, if we neglect to read the Bible and engage in an active prayer life? If all we ever hear of God comes from second-hand sources, how can we ever know that we’re hearing the whole story? How do we know that the parts we are hearing are accurate?

John 8:31-32 says “…You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” If this is true, we better know that we’re hearing the whole truth. There’s no better way of knowing, than getting it straight from the source.


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