El Salvador Journal: Day 4

Saturday, July 17th 2010

DSC06274Our first stop on our second day of ministry was at the main church in zone one. This was at a site just outside the city. It was housed under two large tents. The long-term plan is to build a series of buildings that will house the various aspects of ministry they conduct here. Pastor David said they’ll be building the facility for the children’s ministry first, since the children come first at Castle.

This morning was for a children’s service. We greeted the kids, as they arrived. There was one little boy, Kevin, who seemed to enjoy harassing the guys on our team with this game he would play, where he would run by and grab the back of their leg.

The service opened with worship and a couple of crowd-breaker type of activities. There was a funny little chicken skit that was lead by a kid that really caught my eye during worship. He DSC06228was on stage, manning the ipod. He really seemed to be passionate about the time we spent in worship. Our team was introduced, and we had an opportunity to share our “Supertones” dance and “Sin Box” skit. That service ended with a time of prayer for all the kids who responded.

Next, we headed into the city for lunch at an Esso (Exxon) gas station that became a familiar landmark and stopping place for our team. This day, we hooked up with Giovanni and Stephanie who were workers in Castle’s youth ministry and assisted our team throughout the week. DSC06261Our next stop for ministry was a community of tall grey buildings. Our hosts told us that this was kind of like the ghetto of El Salvador. Admittedly, I couldn’t tell much difference in this and the other places we visited. As we walked through a breezeway between two of the buildings, there appeared to be a birthday or similar sort of party on the upper bridge between the two buildings.

This stop didn’t draw as many kids as the day before. None-the-less, we believe needs were met and lives were changed with the message that there is hope in Christ. Thankfully, the day was DSC06266overcast and not nearly as hot as Friday. This began a trend of cooler days that would stay with us most of the time.

Our last ministry stop, on Saturday, was back at the tents. This time, they were preparing for youth and jr high services. We were in the tent with the jr high students. Courtney opened with a couple of worship songs.  She was incredibly brave.  It was a pretty cold crowd at the beginning. Again, we had an opportunity to perform our “Supertones” dance and “Everything” video. Tyler Duvall shared his testimony and Pastor Nick preached.

During the altar call, there was a very slow, hesitant response. Once a couple of guys and girls started to respond, more came.  There were many salvations and rededications that night and a sweet spirit of brokeness, as the Lord ministered to the hearts of these young people. DSC06282I had a chance to pray for a guy named Erin. As I was praying for him, I was overwhelmed by the desire to speak with this kid. When I asked Pastor David to help me, he said, “oh he speaks English.” Erin told me that he was a “missionary kid” and just struggling to live the life he knew he was supposed to. I feel like God used me to encourage him as I thanked him for the role he played in his parents’ ministry. I told him about the extreme respect I had for the sacrifices he was making. I also shared that I felt God was preparing him for a day when he would be able to step out from the shadows and have his own ministry. He seemed encouraged. I trust that God is doing something in his life.

Back on the bus, we asked our host team if this was a typical church service for them. They said this was a particularly difficult and cold-hearted group. We immediately had a sense that God had used us to begin something special among them.

On the way back to the campus, we stopped to pick DSC06315up a couple of important supplies. Our host team and our intern found out that it was Taylor’s birthday. We all wanted to do something special for her. While Taylor was distracted, we got a cake and some little things for presents. When we arrived at the campus, we took all of the items for our dinner to a small room beside the cafe. Dinner was papusas and rice.  We also had ice cream cake (no forks) while Taylor unwrapped her presents.

The evening was punctuated with Taylor bent over a trash can, emptying the contents of her stomach. I think the fifteen swings she received before being thrown into the pool might have had something to do with that. No one can be sure. Steve and Nick and I joked that she had a pretty complete birthday experience without the assistance of alcohol.  It was another great day in El Salvador. Here are the highlights of Taylor’s birthday celebration, minus the barf.

This is our compilation video for our second day of ministry


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