El Salvador Journal: Day 2

Thursday, July 15th 2010

DSC05954It was just our first day in El Salvador, but some of us were already beginning to lose track of what day it was. The shower was cold by the time I got my turn. Walking out of our room, we were immediately taken by the beauty of our temporary home. Castillo del Rey’s campus is on the edge of a lake. Later, we learned that the lake is actually an active volcano that once blew its top, and is now filled with rain water. I don’t think any of us were expecting the place to be so beautiful.

The other big surprise was the wild horses and dogs roaming the property. It was a pretty strange feeling to walk across the campus, sometimes crossing through a small herd of horses. Some of the dogs were mangy andDSC05961 malnourished, a pretty sad sight.

Breakfast, on our first morning, was french toast. It, as all of our meals, was awesome. The cafeteria always had peanut butter and an unusual array of condiments on the table (pineapple and other atypical jellies, hot sauce, butter etc). Eating with our team was always a different experience. We had fun, and know the staff enjoyed us being there, as we were told multiple times.

After breakfast we were greeted by Jolie. She handled much of the logistics for the visiting teams. Next, we were reintroduced to Jacob. This time, he had his wife, Amanda, with him. They were the youth pastors at Castillo del Rey, and were tasked with teaching us dances and dramas.

We each attacked our practices with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Some of us just aren’t gifted at “performancy” types of things. Luckily, our guys set a great tone for our trip, by throwing themselves into it. Except for a quick break for lunch, we practiced for the majority of that day.


After practice we took a second to check out the lake and goof off a bit. We also used this as an opportunity to find the two monkeys living on the property. One was pretty good-natured while the other was a bit scared of people. Some of our group swam in the campus’ pool. The leaders made contact through facebook, and I uploaded a video or two.

After the sun went down, Jacob took us to the “prayer fortress”. The walk there was weird. He told us there were huge frogs up there. As we were walking, we came upon this little pond from which was emanating the eeriest croaking sounds. It sounded like hundreds of them were watching as we approached.This day of preparation was an excellent introduction to what to expect from the week. We were well ready for a good night’s sleep.

Here’s a shot of us heading back towards the guy’s dorm, from the lake.

If you were there and remember details or any interesting stories I missed, please add your memories of our second day in the comments below. Thanks for reading and look for another post from my journal, tomorrow.



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  1. I love the video of us learning those dances – what a fun mess we were! 🙂


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