El Salvador Journal: Day 1

Wednesday, July 14th 2010

With an early rise, our team assembled at DSC05876church, with various friends and family members, and prepared for departure. Since our luggage was dropped off and loaded the day before, there was little we needed to do before rolling out. We prayed for God’s blessings, said some quick goodbyes and headed out.

Only stopping for a quick bite at a McDonald’s along the way, we made good time to Reagan International Airport. There, we assembled a quick video in which Pastor Nick, with some comedic relief from Tyler Duvall and a host of background personalities, reminded our friends and families to stay tuned to our Facebook page for periodic updates. Otherwise, our time in DC was passed with card games and rest.

Nothing unusual happened during our layover in Houston.  We grabbed a quick bite, monitored activity on Facebook and boarded our plane for El Salvador.

We flew around a pretty impressive thunderstorm, on our approach to the airport in San Salvador. It provided a once-in-a-lifetime view of a spectacular light show, for those seated on that side of the plane.

Our team cleared customs in San Salvador unusually fast. Our first experience with the language barrier was with the customs agents. They spoke just enough English to make it an easy process and make the majority of us wish we had either paid better attention in Spanish class or not chosen some other worthless language to meet our foreign language elective.

DSC05950Our host team was there to pick us up almost as soon as we walked out of the airport. They were very nice. Herbert, Melissa, Karen and Sarah all introduced themselves, and had sandwiches ready for us.

Not expecting much more travel, some were surprised to hear we had a two-hour drive to get to Castillo Del Rey’s main campus. Some took in the sites of the city from our bus, while others enjoyed a quick nap as we wound our way down unfamiliar roads. We finally arrived at the campus around midnight.


It was dark and hard to get a feel for the place, when we arrived. The first member of “Castle’s” ministry team to greet us was Jacob. He gave us an idea of what to expect the next day, and directed us to our lodging for the week. After being told that breakfast is served at 6:30 sharp, we were shown to our dormitories and headed to bed. We were primed for a great week of ministry.



Pastor Nick was lucky enough to capture a great lightning strike on video.

If you were there and remember details or any interesting stories I missed, please add your memories of our first day in the comments below. Thanks for reading and look for another post from my journal, tomorrow.


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