What Do You See In The Mirror

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

We have love/hate relationships with mirrors.  They confirm both what we do and don’t want to know about ourselves.  We linger in front of them when we like what we see, and avoid them at all costs when we know we won’t.  Like it or not, they can’t help but be an honest reflection of who we are, physically anyway.

imagesWhat if there was a mirror that reflected our personalities?  Would we linger, admiring the quality of our character, or hurry by, satisfied instead to believe the myths of who we think ourselves to be?

If social media is good for anything, it’s a relatively effective mirror.  In it, we may see how our personalities might be perceived by others.  Look at your last couple weeks of facebook posts, for example.  Is the person  you see humble or full of pride?  Are they confident or insecure?  Do they draw attention to themself or promote others?  Do they complain and worry too much?  Do they project faith or fear?

Matthew 5:13-16 provides a very simple and practical image we should find reflected in that mirror.  We should be salt.  We should be light.  We should make our world and everything in it better.

Take some time to check the mirror today.  Does it reflect what you want people to see?  Does it reflect an accurate image of yourself?  Does it reflect the image of Christ?


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  1. I really like this concept of using social media as a mirror… great thought!


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