Bring God Your Best

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

How many times have you heard someone say something like, “give God your best”?  I imagine this elicits similar images for many, a church without spot or wrinkle perhaps.  Our basic response might be to put our best foot forward, covering up the mess within, to appear worthy of being counted among the faithful.  This, however, seems to conflict with other advice, that we come to God with all of our hurts and pains and bumps and bruises, knowing only He can rebuild our broken lives.

Last year, I sat in on a Father’s Day Sunday-school class that my friend was teaching the middle-school students at our church.  He presented a great message about how, as a father, he wanted his sons to come to him with anything, and for anything.  I think it’s the desire of all fathers, to be that to our children, a totally open door and inexhaustible resource for everything they need.

In that context, I think I better understand what God would mean if He said, “bring me your best.”  Certainly He desires our best service, our best devotion, our best efforts.  On the other hand, I hear him also saying, “bring me your best desperation, your best hurt, your best brokenness.  Bring me your best anger, your best sadness, your best resentment.”  Whatever you’re feeling, feel it completely.

Holding nothing back, bring God your best.  Find, in Him, a Father whose love is unfailing, and whose resources are without end.


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