Nobody Likes A Know It All

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Is it OK to admit that I like eavesdropping on people’s conversations?  I really do.  I’m not talking about tapping people’s cell phones or anything.  I’m talking about just sitting quietly and listening as people converse in public spaces.  You can gather some good information, listening to people.  You get a sense of the hierarchy within a group of friends by listening.  You also discover that, within any group, there’s always a “know-it-all”.

I had a high-school friend whom my dad jokingly referred to as “The Book of Knowledge”.  He talked as if he knew a little something about everything.  He was usually wrong though, way wrong.  Overhearing his conversations could be both entertaining and excruciating.  Although no one could possibly know how many people he negatively influenced with his misinformation, you can be sure that his “know-it-all” attitude turned many people off.  It usually has a way of doing that.  Nobody likes a “know-it-all”.

It’s really all about your attitude and the way you approach conversations.  As Christians, it’s undeniable that we’re given the responsibility to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.  Still, isn’t there something ridiculous about acting like we’ve even begun to have God figured out?  Compared to everything there is to know about Him, we must confess that we know a relatively small amount.  This doesn’t exactly give us cause to act like subject-matter experts.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t share what God has revealed to us, but we should do it with the right attitude, with humility and in love.  God must be experienced.  The message you carry is precious.  Don’t ruin your opportunity to share it by acting like a “know-it-all”.


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  1. I wouldn’t say its bad to like to listen, I have found myself often researching topics I over hear in public places. Very nicely written, I like your take on it!


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