This Is The Secret To Making Things Click

Chris Jones by Chris Jones


I’ve always enjoyed puzzles.  I love the feeling of finding a piece that “clicks” in place.  It’s the moment when all the searching and trial and error pays off.

Has it been a while since things have “clicked” for you?  Sometimes, you reach a point in life when it feels like all your searching and trial and error don’t pay off.  Take time to slow down and reset your focus.  While you’re busy trying to make all the pieces fit, “The Maker” is trying to show you the big picture.  He’s drawing your attention to the details of each piece.

Put first things first.  Define your borders.  Group similar pieces together.  Work on one area at a time.  Start with what’s easy.  God can help you make things click.  It’s amazing how those small victories provide all the encouragement you need to keep pushing towards completion.


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