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Do you ever look at the world and wonder, “why can’t things just work the way they’re intended to”?  Everything seems broken: government, schools, families, churches…  It’s easy to stand at a distance, casting criticism, excusing ourselves of any personal responsibility to bring change.

It’s hard to be honest about the malfunctioning bits and pieces of our own lives.  There may be aspects that are temporarily “out of order”.  There are probably even components of our lives that are undeniably broken.  Regardless, I think we convince ourselves that everything’s OK, as long as the sum of our parts somehow equals something “good”.  There’s a problem with this thinking, however, if you believe you’ve been designed and placed on this Earth for a purpose.

Think about a machine.  They’re created to accomplish a specific task.  Successful operation requires all components to be fully operational.  If something malfunctions, it may be able to limp along for a while.  Eventually, though, it’s gonna crash.  If just one part of that machine is broken, the sum of it’s parts just equals a broken machine.

It’s important that we allow the Holy Spirit to strip us down to our basic parts, revealing what’s in need of repair.  Allow God to fix what’s broken, knowing your wholeness helps repair what’s broken in your family.  Healthy families serve to repair what’s broken in churches and schools and government.  

Before you lay blame for it’s problems, remember that a broken world is simply an extension of what’s broken in us.


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  1. Good stuff. Keep sharing your insights. I may not always acknowledge but I certainly read them all and have been blessed as well reminded of my brokenness. Thank you, Pam


  2. This is so true and clearly something to think about and reflect upon very helpful information when you feel the weight of the world..thanks


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