Let Go

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Take a look outside and you’ll see a tell-tale sign of winter, trees awaiting the new growth that comes with spring.  It’s all a part of the season.  This preparation begins in fall, as they shed their leaves.  Why hold on to them anyway?  They’re dead, right?  Can you imagine seeing a tree, come spring, that chose to hold on to it’s dead leaves?  As everything else experiences the refreshing explosion of new life,  a solitary tree clings desperately to the crusty emblems of what used to be.

This picture came to mind Sunday morning as a word was spoken about emptying yourself of all that keeps you from receiving the new thing God wants to give you.  Why is this easier said than done?  What holds that place of importance in our lives: personal possessions, habits, self-perceptions, religious ideologies?  Is it an issue of comfort or trust?  Do we truly believe these things are ours?  Don’t we know that, like dead leaves, it all turns to dust in the end?

There are murmurings of God getting ready to do something new among His people.  I can’t shake the feeling that a season of growth and refreshing is coming soon.  If you find yourself, in this present season, barren.  Stand confidently, with empty hands raised, trusting that new life is around the corner.  God may just have you exactly where He intended you to be, in the right place, in the right season.  If you’re full and lacking nothing, ask God if there’s true life in the things you hold so dearly.  Be willing to respond, if you hear Him telling you to let go.


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  1. Amen to this. Let Go and Let God do the new thing in us! Thanks, Chris.


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