Moment of Tension

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

It’s inspiring to me how, in a moment of tension, people come together.  These moments are experienced during a major storm.  Neighbors check on one another, help clean debris, repair damaged property and share vital resources.  Tragedies create moments of tension.  We offer aid, dropping everything to tend to the greatest and most primal need, survival.

In a world that seems to grow increasingly chaotic year after year, moments of tension bring out the best in us.  Suddenly, it’s acceptable and appreciated when you express your faith in God’s providence.  In those moments, it’s OK to pray for God’s protection.  In those moments, the “rules” change.

As Christians, it’s important to live in that moment of tension.  I’m not suggesting that we obsess over it, but that we live in the realization that each day is a matter of life and death.  You never know when you might be the last chance someone has to hear a message of hope and acceptance.  Be aware of God’s purpose in everything you do, every place you go.  Pray unceasingly.  Make the world aware of God’s promises and provision.

Allow God to lead you in the moment of tension.  …and go confidently, knowing that the tension changes the rules.


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  1. Wow! Love this! Thanks for sharing your insights.


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