Honorable Mention

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

I don’t know that there’s always value in being  an “honorable mention”.  What bugs me is when honorable mentions are just a mention, minus any honor.  “Before we get to the awards, we have some honorable mentions: Joey, Beth, Thomas…”  It’s unfortunate, in those instances, that time isn’t taken to celebrate what distinguished the honorable mentions from even the “winners”.

One of my sons got such a mention from an Upward Basketball coach a couple years back.  He was recognized for being the one on whom she could depended to always have a Christ-like attitude.  You talk about a proud daddy.  Everyone else could keep whatever other ribbons or accolades were given out that day.  That mention was a true honor, and well-deserved.

This same thought occurs to me, as I read 1 Chronicles 4.  Could you imagine receiving an honorable mention in the Bible, not like the parade of names listed in the many genealogical records, but like Jabez?  Right there in the middle of a list of tongue-tangling names, Jabez receives more than just a mention.  He’s noted as being an honorable man, and receiving from God, according to his requests.

Sometimes, I feel like we’re living in a “genealogy” type of period.  Nothing crazy significant is happening.  It’s just the time between two more exciting times to be alive, times of God making himself known through greater outpourings of His Spirit.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but also don’t know how I can better express this feeling.  None-the-less, we shouldn’t desire to be just another name in the world, in days like these.  Let us aspire to live honorable lives, lives which people will want to make mention of.  Let us live lives that capture God’s attention, lives that move him to respond to our requests that He pour His spirit out on our sons and daughters.

Someone else can have the gold.  I’ll take the reward that comes with the honorable mention.


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  1. That last line you used about somebody else can have the gold is powerful. It made me inspired to change someones life today.


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