Tootsie Roll: Being Like Christ

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

I think the Tootsie Roll is an under-appreciated candy.  I didn’t believe this a week ago.  Until recently, I just thought a Tootsie Roll was a small, chewy, chocolatey kind of candy that couldn’t possibly be considered anyone’s favorite.  That was before a simple curiosity led me to discover what lessons can be learned from this mightily meaningful miniature morsel, the Tootsie Roll.

Lesson One


Did you know that Tootsie Roll Industries makes SIXTY-FOUR MILLION Tootsie Roll candies each day!!!  EVERY DAY!!!   That’s a couple more than I would have guessed.   What’s interesting to consider is that every Tootsie Roll tastes the same, each one a faithful reproduction of the original.

Certainly, one’s preference for flavor is a relative thing.  While some people might not like chocolate, it remains one of those flavors that almost everyone in the world recognizes and enjoys.  Although I’m sure no one would accuse a Tootsie Roll of being an actual piece of chocolate, it’s undeniable that one bite brings to mind the slow, melt-on-your-tongue release of sweet cocoa flavor many crave.  Even a simple description of that experience can make one’s mouth water.

Isn’t that the way it should be with us?  By definition, shouldn’t each Christian be a faithful example of Christ.  Psalms says “Taste and see that the Lord is good”.  Is there any chance that our lives might serve as a bitter sample of Christ’s love, to people around us?

Have you ever raved about a certain food to a friend?  Based on your encouragement they try it, clearly not having shared your experience.  We say, “You must have just gotten a bad batch”.  “Trust me you need to try one at/from…” (fill in the blank).  Unfortunately, their perception may have already been forever tainted by that one negative experience.  There’s a great responsibility we share when we identify with Christ.  It’s important that we live as faithful representatives, understanding that we may be the only example of Jesus those around us might ever see.  Live with the purpose of being like Christ.  Cause people to desire more of Him in their lives, through the “sweetness” He has given you to share.

So, ask yourself these questions.  What flavor am I to this world?  Do I inspire people around me to further experience the “sweetness” of Christ?  Have I really experienced that “sweetness” for myself? I’d love to hear your comments.


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