What do you think about God?

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

May I ask  you a question?  What do you think about God?

This is a question I love to ask of people.  Some responses are surprising.  Some responses are simple regurgitations of other people’s opinions.  Some are thought-provoking.  Some are inspiring.  Some are sad.  In years of talking to people about God, I’ve found this to be the easiest, least-threatening starter to a conversation about faith.  Although they may never, otherwise, share it, this question invites a response.  It opens a discussion.

Whether raised in church or not, it seems everyone has an opinion, and those opinions say a lot.  Those opinions typically reveal what separates people from or connects them to God.  Those opinions typically reveal what facts and myths people believe.  Those opinions revealed, provide a platform for a deeper conversation.

There’s a great responsibility we share as believers.  We’ve been challenged to take the truth of Jesus Christ to our friends and neighbors.  The next time you have the opportunity, try simply asking, “what do you think about God?”

So, let me ask you.  What do you think about God?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you have an interesting starter you use, when talking to people about their belief in God?  Share that in the comments below too.


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  1. My thoughts of God are infinite. I’m always thinking of him. Thinking of his plans for my future, my family’s future. Thinking of simple ways he’s used me, he’s using me…complex. I think he is amazing! I think he’s taken for granted. I think he’s a winner. I think he’s a gracious host. I love him. I want to please him. I don’t deserve his love, his grace, his mercy


  2. Father was the first word that came to my mind. Although part of the trinity, each part has it’s own unique purpose in my life.


    • I don’t know that anyone can fully understand what love, grace and mercy is available to the believer with God as our Father, without having children themselves. Even so, I know I’ve just begun to develop only a dim concept of these gifts. Thanks for contributing to the discussion, Michelle. Very true.


  3. Never been one to be overly emotional so basically I see God as my boss. An overseer of my everyday activities and he is there to point me in the right direction. I often talk to him about issues and concerns with the expectation that he gives me answers and he does. Sometimes I am not happy with the plan but nonetheless I proceed. I have an earthly father so thinking of GOD as my father doesn’t always work for me. God is way more understanding and forgiving which definitely fills the gaps. This earthly life is complicated and filled with way too many distractions. I am anxious to cross to the other side and spend a worry, debt free life with the provider of all things! Thanks for having me take time and reflect on God’s grace and goodness in my life. Still have so much learning to do.


    • Me too, Pam. I think the only danger in growing to better know God is ever thinking we could totally understand Him and His ways. That, to me, is both frustrating and intriguing. I guess, like some, I love a good mystery.


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