Hold The Door

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Have you ever had a door slammed in your face?  When I think about it, various images come to mind.  I think about an angry teenager slamming a door on a parent.  I think about a sales person receiving a rejection to their pitch.  I think about a job applicant not having what it takes to get an appointment with their potential employer.  In each example, the rejection is offensive, whether intended or not.

What about following someone through a doorway, to have them let the door fly in your face?  Am I the only one who finds that offensive?  Certainly, in many cases, they’re not even aware anyone was back there.  Perhaps they were distracted by a conversation or deep thought.  Regardless, shouldn’t they at least try to be aware of people around them?  Am I wrong, or is it just rude?

I always pause for a second whenever I come across Matthew 23.  I think verse thirteen is especially thought-provoking.  Jesus calls the Pharisees hypocrites, and accuses them of shutting the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces.  Yikes!!!  I don’t want to be that person.  Certainly, someone would never intentionally do that.  Right?  I’m not so sure.  It seems there are some hate mongers among us.  We’ve all heard them, angrily and loudly rejecting those they deem unfit to enter God’s Kingdom.   I cringe when I hear them, declaring God hates these people or those people.  God help us all.

What about me?  I’ve never intentionally “slammed the door” on anyone.  However, Is it possible that I’m guilty of having let the door slip a time or two, unaware that someone was trying to follow?  Can I be accused of being too busy, too distracted, unaware of the needs of others?  In those moments, is it possible that I’ve let slip my responsibility to be an example of Christ?

If you confess Jesus as Lord, you’re being watched.  Take a look around from time to time.  Your life is being evaluated.  Does your faith speak one thing, but you live another?  People want to see an example they can believe.  They want it to go beyond words, consistently showing up in your life.   They want something in which they can put their faith.  Are you living an example they can and will want to follow?


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