Change The World

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to change the world?  Currently, with all the dysfunction in Washington, many would respond that they’d march up to “Capitol Hill” and straighten some things/people out.  Others might consider ending social crises like hunger, poverty, homelessness or abuse.  In a lost and broken world, is change even possible?  No arguments.  No debates.  No resistance.  Change.

What if this proposition weren’t simply anecdotal?  What if you were supplied with endless resources?  What if you were given a guarantee that your efforts would be effective?  What if you could start today, to see this world transformed into what God intended it to be?

As Christians, we believe God called us to take the news of salvation through His Son, to the world, the whole world.  We believe God will give us what we ask, if we pray according to His will.  We believe our prayers are potent and effective.  We believe His Word is powerful and true.  Yet, we allow “life” to distract us from the call.

Everyday, those in need of change are with us (the hurting, the lost, the hungry, the homeless, the poor, the abused).  They live in our neighborhood.  They sit behind us in class.  They work in the office down the hall.  They “ring-up” our purchases at the store.  We dismiss them as they hold their signs at the stoplight.  We forget them as they sit in jail, or lay in the hospital.  This is the world.  This is where change begins.

So, what will you do with the opportunity you’ve been given?  The need is real.  Our God is big.  Change can happen today.  Run to the world.


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