Discovering God For The First Time, Again

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

People say, “You don’t read the Bible for information.  You read for revelation.”  I mostly like that quote.  I’m not sure to whom it’s originally attributable.  I’ve heard Joyce Meyer say it, among others.  The one thing it has inspired me to do is read the Bible as if I’ve never heard of God.  Perhaps that sounds strange.  However, If God reveals himself to us through His word, I want to know Him.  Don’t mishear me.  I’m not interested in getting a general idea of who God is.  I want to know Him exactly as He is.

I pray that God reveal Himself to me unlike He’s ever shown Himself before.  There are mysteries yet to be unlocked, details yet to be known.  I’m not satisfied to develop an understanding of God as other people think of Him.  Jesus has made it possible for us to personally approach His throne.  I, for one, want to take advantage of that opportunity.  I want to hear His voice.  I want Him to speak truth directly to my heart.

In this process, I’m beginning to find a God who is far more loving and awe-inspiring than anyone could express.  I’m re-discovering that God fills the spaces of every gap left by science.  I’m reminded that if you depend on church attendance to discover God, you’ll only ever hear a small percentage of what the Bible has to say about Him.  My desire to be a father like Him grows stronger despite the ever-increasing realization that I’ll never be that man.

I serve a God who is endlessly and overwhelmingly good.  I want to know Him, and take Him to the world.


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