God’s Abundant Blessings

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

A funny thing happened on the way to work yesterday.  I was talking to God about various needs that exist in our family.  At one point I said, “God, show me your abundant provision.”  The words were barely out of my mouth when the door in front of me burst open.  Through it walked a well-dressed man, who appeared very wealthy.  Laughing to myself, I said, “No God.  Show your abundant provision in MY life.”

That night, we received just such a blessing, an unexpected gift that completely satisfied a significant and very costly need in our family.  As soon as I was told of this, I thought about my earlier conversation with God.  I shouldn’t be surprised that He would show His provision, in response to my request.

I think about Philip at a moment like this.  Why Philip?  He’s the one Jesus asked, before feeding the crowd with the fish and bread, “Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?”  You can read this story in John 6.  Philip’s reply reads something like, “Forget about ‘where’, Jesus.  Let’s talk about ‘how’.  We don’t have anywhere near enough money for that kind of purchase.”

It’s interesting that Philip’s focus immediately turned to the thought of where the money would come from.  This isn’t at all what Jesus asked Him to consider.  Ultimately, all Philip needed to do was receive.  Jesus already had it all planned out.

What might have happened if Philip responded differently?  If Jesus so desired, He could have rained down bread from Heaven.  Do we forget this?  What will it take for us to live confidently in the knowledge that God can provide to meet all our needs.  Size doesn’t matter.  Cost doesn’t matter.  Sometimes, that provision comes through hard work and preparation.  Other times, it’s a simple matter of us just asking and receiving.


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