Heading For A Breakdown

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Ask most people and they’ll tell you, with a twinkle in their eye, about their dream car.  Maybe it’s the fastest thing on the road.  Maybe it’s the biggest truck at the hunt club.  Whether it’s financially unobtainable, or practical and cost-effective, it seems everyone has their opinion.

Ask me about my dream car and I’ll tell you, “I’m already driving it.”  YUP!  It’s a faded-red, 1994 Honda Civic VX, pushing 210K miles.  OH BABY!!!  Don’t be jealous.  Obviously, it’s not the vehicle of my dreams.  I do, however, LOVE THAT CAR!  It’s small, fuel-efficient, PAID FOR, my first car and I can pack that joker out.

Occasionally, I’ll provide audio/video support at conferences of up to 500 attendees.  I can get an entire audio/video system (including a 12 foot screen), duplicating equipment, media and luggage across the state and back at 42mpg.  All that equipment is definitely a puzzle going in.  Everything has to be loaded a certain way, or it won’t all fit.  Almost every time I unload, I’m asked, “you got all that stuff in there?”  The Ringling Brother’s clowns would be impressed.

There’s only one, not-so-small problem though.  That car just wasn’t designed to haul that much weight.  This discovery was made evident one day at the service station.  After years of overloading, my rear bushings were destroyed.  Lesson learned: I can’t just use my car any old way I want without there being some damage and costs down the road, unintended consequence of years of doing it my way.

I hear this lesson when Jesus talks to the woman at the well in John 4.  Read it for yourself.  She comes, looking to draw water.  Jesus reveals that He has something that will satisfy her soul.  She’s surprised when He begins to call out all the stuff she thought she had so neatly tucked away.  All the secrets she took through life, not realizing the damage from years of doing it her way.

There are definite long-term consequences when we attempt to live this life without regard for the plan God has for us.  Maybe it seems to work at first.  Perhaps we think we impress others with all the things we juggle in life.  Others might have themselves fooled into believing everything will be OK, as long as they just keep their junk neatly tucked away.

Take a serious look at what you’re hauling through life (the good, the bad, the ugly).  Are you heading for a breakdown?


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  1. Good Word this morning, Chris!


  2. Thanks for reading Laura. It’s always nice to hear from you.


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