Running To The World

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

…and now for something completely different.

I had something I wanted to post tonight.  Instead, I spent some time responding to a comment in a blog I’ve enjoyed reading over the last week or so.  You can find the particular post I responded to here.

I thought I’d share the response I posted. You can read it below or by following the link above. I’m sharing it here, in case anyone passing by my blog might find these words helpful.


It’s my pleasure to respond. I appreciate the challenge of defending my beliefs. Unlike the “street preachers” you posted about, I look for more personal ways to promote my faith. Although I realize there is little chance my testimonies change much for most people, I’m thankful to have opportunities to share them.

For me, I need more than man’s suggestion that there’s an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-this and all-that somebody who requires me to follow whatever list of rules to avoid some unimaginable punishment. To believe any portion of such a story, I need something like a preponderance of evidence (at least the best I feel I can assemble).

If I were to approach this scientifically, I believe it would go something like this:

I hypothesize that God (in the Christian religion) is real. This is epitomized by the belief that He sent His Son, Jesus, to the world, so we could be united with God for eternity in Heaven. I theorize that, if my hypothesis is true, following the teachings of Jesus Christ should yield the suggested results. Those results include: receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, performing supernatural healing, encountering and casting out demons, and receiving provision for the life He has called us to live. The test is, does living the life He has called us to live produce those results. If the answer is “yes”, I must consider that God is real.

I’m definitely not a “blind faith” type of guy. I need to see it. Admittedly, my experiences are limited. They are, none-the-less, compelling to me.

Those experiences include: seeing numerous, instantaneous, medically-confirmed healings, witnessing demonic possessions and deliverance, involving physical feats the person would be incapable of performing, specific answers to innumerable prayers, physical encounters with unseen forces, abundant provision for the life to which He has called me.

The easy thing is to call me a liar or suppose the myriad answered prayers are nothing more than coincidence. It seems the proposed test needs to be personally applied to yield a conclusive result for any individual.

It’s unfortunate that Christians live such lackluster lives. My desire is that I live such a life that draws attention to Jesus Christ, causing people to ask the questions, “is there something about this man that I need to know?” He has changed my life. I live, believing He is who the Bible claims.

I know you and I see these things differently. Regardless, I have tremendous respect for your patience to read my thoughts. I truly appreciate you sharing your opinions concerning these matters. Those insights are valuable. It’s not my intent to be belligerent, or force my views on you or your readership. Please let me know if my comments ever become obnoxious.

As you say…peace be upon us all.


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  1. Loved your comments on the blog. You are a gentleman and a man of Godly character, my friend!


  2. It has been a year since our exchange of posts on my blogpost “Theists Think Backwards” and I was wondering if you had heard from your ministering friends if any had reported any confirmed regrowing of limbs or significant body-parts or is that still an area of healing not accessible to faith?


    • Hey, friend! It’s good to hear from you. I’ve missed reading your posts. I haven’t seen a new one, for some time now. I check your site occassionally, to see how you’re challenging “believers”. I hope you’ll keep up the work.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have examples of the news you’re looking for. I do, however, have a story of a torn rotator cuff that was completely healed a couple of weeks ago. The lady with the torn cuff is an RN. Her doctors did MRIs before and after the tear was healed. They can’t explain what happened. Also, a baby that we’ve been praying for wasn’t supposed to be born alive. At different points after his birth, his doctors have said he wouldn’t be able to breathe or swallow on his own. He’s now at home with his parents, off the respirator and taking bottles. These stories are first to come to mind since they both happened in September.

      I don’t know that any of this is the evidence you’re looking for though. I will say that I pray for you. I pray that God will send something your way, that undeniably reveals himself. I don’t know that I have any idea of what I’m expecting might happen, or that it would be something that necessarily shakes the earth. I simply pray that He would make himself known, in the context of your daily life. I know that sounds a lot like the typical crap that christians say. I do mean it though. Regardless, I appreciate you taking a moment to stop by, and hope you have a great day.


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