Experience Makes All The Difference

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

My boys are getting too big!!! I can’t believe my oldest is entering Middle School this year. One definite consolation is that my wife and I LOVE the school he’s going to. Our first opportunity to visit was at an open house they conducted last year. We love the classes they offer. We love the administrators. We love the teachers. We love the reputation and reviews we’ve heard from other students and families. All of our experiences have been extremely positive so far.

Despite the great feelings my wife and I have developed, our son was less enthusiastic. No kid wants summer to end, for sure. Whenever we asked if he’s excited about starting at his new school next week, he responded with equal parts of looking forward to seeing his friends again, and fear of the unknown. Well, that all changed when we visited for orientation Tuesday night. He loved the building. He loved his classrooms. He loved his locker. He loved his teachers. He loved seeing his friends. Through his experience, he was able to confirm for himself what my wife and I already knew to be true.

Sometimes you just have to experience something for yourself before you really get it. It’s that way with God. If you’ve never experienced a life with Him, you have no idea what you’re missing. Take some time to visit with him today. Take some time to read His Word (The Bible). Tell him about your fears and frustrations. There’s no wrong way to do it and he’s always available. My experience tells me that He’s more real than you know. Have your own experience with God. It’ll make all the difference.


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  1. Great post! I think it’s always better to experience things for yourself before rushing to judgement.


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