When God Says, “Go”

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

I never get tired of being used by God…unless of course it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, unreasonable, costs time or money…  What am I saying?  This is THE God of the universe working through me to accomplish His will.  None-the-less, I balk sometimes, when He says, “go”.

God taught me a major lesson about obedience and second chances at a church service.  That night, my attention was captured by a woman who sat across the auditorium from me, in a group of about 1,500 people.  Immediately I felt God speaking to me about needs that existed in her life.  Specifically, He was leading me to help meet a financial need in her family.  I didn’t know her.  She wasn’t facing me.  Our eyes never met.

I questioned whether this was really a “God thing”.  This woman didn’t appear poor.  Additionally, I knew I only had a few dollars in my wallet.  After chewing on the idea a while, I decided I misheard Him.  Still, I couldn’t erase the thought.  Eventually, she left.  My heart hit the floor as I watched her walk out the rear of the large auditorium.  I suddenly understood, very clearly, that I missed an opportunity to be His hands extended.

I prayed, asking God for a second chance.  I committed that, if she re-entered the auditorium, I’d tell her God was going to meet her needs, and give her all the cash I was carrying.  As soon as I was done praying, she came back into the auditorium.  Let me be more specific.  The woman who was previously sitting on the opposite side of a packed house, walked up and sat directly across the aisle from me.  I had no choice but to approach her.

When I shared the story of everything that had happened in the previous minutes, the woman was astonished.  She confirmed that there was a significant financial need in her life.  Although I only had a relatively small amount to give her, she told me that I couldn’t know what my words and gesture meant to her that day.

God continues to teach me the importance of moving out when He calls.  Although I’m still learning to respond immediately to the needs He reveals to me, I’m encouraged to know He finds me faithful to be used for the glory of His Kingdom.


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