Lessons Learned From Squirrels

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

Is it possible that squirrels are the worst road crossers in the entire world?  It’s ridiculous!  I’ve ruined the day of many a little furry friend, in their schizophrenic journeys across the street.  They’re going.  No, they’re going back.  WAIT!  Yes!  No, GO BACK!!!  SPLAT!!!

I had another such encounter just the other day on Fox Hill Rd.  A good thirty feet ahead of me, a squirrel ran out with plenty of time to cross.  Half way across, I guess he got spooked by my car and started back from where he came.  A zig and another zag later, he finally returned to his original side of the street.  I don’t know whether he got the courage up to try later or not.  If so, I’m sure that attempt couldn’t have been much different.  Maybe he made it.  Maybe he didn’t.  Regardless, I’m sure it was a spectacle to behold.

It made me think about myself.  Thank God that He speaks to us and directs our paths.  The Bible says that He even makes those paths straight.  Then, why do we have such difficulty making the journey with confidence?

I remember some of the moments in my life when I must have looked like a squirrel in traffic.  God sets me out on a path.  In reality, all I need to do is walk it out.  None-the-less, something distracts me from my goal and I run for the safety of the familiar.  Thankfully, God is merciful and understanding.  He gives second chances (…most of the time anyway).

Still, it makes you wonder, what if?  What if we ran this race with confidence, knowing God gives grace to navigate the obstacles of life.  What might He accomplish through our obedience?  One thing is for sure.  We wouldn’t find ourselves as roadkill on the street of life.


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