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Chris Jones by Chris Jones

There’s no arguing that, as Christians, we’re supposed to take the message of Jesus Christ to the world.  That’s a big task.  Certainly, it’s the job of missionaries to take the Gospel to India and China and Siberia.  What about “your world”.  Who’s going to take this message to the grocery store?  How will your co-workers hear?  What about your neighbors?  It’s our responsibility to spread the word to those around us.  That means everybody.

I know, with absolute certainty, there are people in our lives who will never be confronted with the life-changing power of God if you don’t live and speak your testimony in front of them.  Do we take this responsibility seriously?  Eternity literally hangs in the balance.  Would it be fair to keep this news as a secret for yourself?

With all the resistance the world shows to the message of Jesus Christ, they’re still dying for something more.  They’re longing for something that will satisfy their soul.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal their needs to you.  You’ll be surprised by how He equips you to meet those needs.  Begin to make a plan for how you will reach your world.  Be aggressive about it.  Run to the world.


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  1. May we all be the salt and light in the world so others will see Christ in us. May the Lord give us a boldness to share His love with those in our lives. We may not all be called to far off countries, but we are all called to share Him with others. Be blessed!


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