Father and Son

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

I spent the weekend celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends in the whole world, my nine-year-old son. Both of our boys are tremendous blessings to my wife and me. I sincerely hope I can teach them half of what God is teaching me through the gift of being their father. With them, I feel I better understand the relentless love God has for us.I take very seriously the role I play in their lives.

Just as God is teaching me about being a father, I want them to understand their position as His children. I want them to be confident of His total provision for their lives, understanding their best course is in complete obedience to His will. I try to not miss an opportunity to further refine the example I attempt to set for them, of God as a loving father.

My favorite moments come when I pray with them each night. I see the evidence that God is answering those prayers. I want them to sink in deeply. They’re simple, but powerful. I pray…”Dear Jesus, watch over and protect this precious little buddy of mine. Thank you for everything he says and does. Let it all be for your glory. I pray that You’ll keep him safe. I pray that he’ll grow up strong and healthy and loving you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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