Knock The Dust Off

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

There’s a story a teacher told me from his elementary school days.  An artist came to their school to talk about his career, drawing cartoons for the local newspaper.  As part of his presentation, he called one of the boys to the front and drew a caricature of him.  In appreciation of his participation, the boy was given his picture to take home.  My friend concluded his story by wondering aloud what might have happened to that portrait.  Did it end up in the trash?  Was it carelessly crinkled and shoved under his bed to collect dust?  Certainly, he had no way of knowing the value of his gift, an early hand-drawn picture signed by Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts cartoons.

It’s hard to know the future value of things we receive.  Sometimes, what looks like a dirty rock might be a diamond in the rough.  I think about some of my old toys and the value they’d hold if their condition had been preserved.  Realistically, some of them still hold value, if I could just find them and knock the dust off.

The Holy Spirit inspires us with wisdom and creativity.  He speaks directly to our hearts.  Sometimes, it’s soft and subtle.  Other times, it’s like a bolt out of the blue.  Regardless, His words are of great value.  It makes me wonder what God has deposited into our hearts, that we’ve shoved into the dusty corners of our minds.  I imagine time-sensitive opportunities that may have been lost.  I picture ideas and concepts that still hold great value, if we just paid them the attention they deserve.

Has God given you a dream?  Has He inspired you towards a particular task?  Don’t let those thoughts collect dust in your mind.  Act on them.  He gives them to you for a reason.  With them, we’ll either build a Kingdom, or build regrets.


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