You’re being watched!!!

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

As parents, like it or not, for better or worse, your children are always watching.  Your every word and action is recorded and evaluated.  Your witness is among the weightiest evidence they’ll have as a basis for their belief in God.  Will they have a proper context within which they can accept a revered, almighty, powerful, sovereign God as a loving, gracious, merciful Father?

In Matthew 22:29-30, when responding to the Sadducees’ challenge concerning the resurrection, Jesus seems to suggest that we don’t understand the eternal nature of our temporary, earthly relationships.  If we believe the Bible, we know that everything we have is God’s.  Since this also applies to our families, before we consider our children ours’, we need to recognize them as men and women of God’s Kingdom.  We have a great responsibility to live before them as an example of Christ, being quick to recognize and apologize when we fail.

Do you commonly speak judgmentally and out of frustration to them, or with grace and understanding?  What habits are they seeing?  How do they see you treat your spouse?  What do they hear you say about others?  Let your witness to them be powerful and decisive.  Let there be no room for gray.  You will either lay a solid foundation for their faith or raise obstacles to it.

Set a clear example for your children.  As they grow, they’ll want to be like you, like Christ.


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