His Hands Extended

Chris Jones by Chris Jones

How many times have you heard someone say, “we need to be Jesus’ hands extended.” Admittedly, It’s the sort of expression that has effectively become the background noise in the lives of many Christians. This past week, the Holy Spirit breathed new life into that concept for me.Consider the miracles recorded in the Bible. Changing water to wine is commonly considered to be the first miracle Jesus performed. Was it? Look at John 2 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=john%202&version=NLT)

Certainly, the credit for anything good we might accomplish belongs to God. Absolutely, it’s the first time Jesus’ glory was revealed. However, in simple terms of “Performance”, who “performed” this miracle? After Jesus clearly explains that it is not His time (for miracles), the disciples spring into action. At His command, they filled the jars with water. They drew from the pots, and took it to the Master of Ceremonies. The miracle at the wedding of Cana, though accomplished through the power of God, took place at the hands of His disciples.

What reason do we have to believe He can’t do that same today, through those who follow Him? Is there a stronger witness we could carry into the world than miraculous signs of His power? It’s all about obedience. As His hands extended, we need to move when He commands, giving God complete credit and glory for everything we do, no matter how miraculous or ordinary it might seem.


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